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Frequently Asked
How long has your company been in business?
We’ve been working in Winnipeg for 4 years, and in Edmonton for 3 years.
Do you do Commercial lawn care?
Yup, for apartments, industrial, acreage, large properties, anywhere there’s grass pretty much.
Do you snow removal for parking lots, small businesses, apartments?
Yes we do
Do you do residential lawn care?
Yes we do, along with aeration, spring clean-ups, fall cleanups.
Do you do residential snow removal?
No we don’t.
Am i locked into a contract if we hire you?
Nope, not happy? Cancel. Thats not gonna happen though. If ever you have a complaint, we respond quickly to fix it .
Are you insured?
Fully insured, registered, and we have WCB for all worker’s.

Giant Property Maintenance
Winnipeg, Manitoba
PO BOX 70062 Kenaston PO