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We help businesses like your’s with all they’re Commercial snow removal needs

More then just another truck plow

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Helping Keep your Property Safe all Winter

Winnipeg’s Best Commercial Snow Removal Company

The seasons are changing and with the cool air blowing through, there are heavy snowfalls ahead for Winnipeg business owners. Giant Property Maintenance is one of the most trusted snow removal companies in Winnipeg, catering to business owners and property managers who need a helping hand when the snow gets too much.


Business owners in Winnipeg will know exactly how volatile Mother Nature gets, but with the snowfall that we see each year, you need a trusted and efficient snow removal company on hand to help. Giant Property Maintenance has been working on Winnipeg snow removal services for the past four years. We started with one truck and have built our company into the reputable snow removal service it is today. We offer Winnipeg commercial snow plowing and we are proud of the portfolio of over 30 commercial clients that we have built relationships with.

Fully insured

All employees have WCB

Flexible snow clearing schedule's

Backup equipment to dispatch when we have a breakdown

Truck plowing

Perfect for big spaces, our trucks can clear lots of snow, fast.

Snow Haul Away

When the snow piles get to big we can arrange to have them taken away.

Parking Lot and Sidewalk sanding

Avoid insurance claims against you by sanding regularly.

Walkway maintenance

Keeping the sidewalks safe for everyone, by clearing, sanding as needed.


Safety is the biggest issue in a Winnipeg snowfall, and if you’ve been in business here as long as we have, you may have already experiencing some of the spectacular snowfall that we get each year. Clearing your sidewalks and walkways by your premises is of top importance for us, so that customers, staff and suppliers can have safe access to your building. We will do whatever we can do to minimise your insurance risk – saving you money along the way.

Sanding improves traction on the roads and the ground outside your premises, which is why we will always ensure the ground is safe to use once we have cleared the snow. If you are a managing a set of apartments, you need to have your residents moving safely from parking lot to building, which is why we are there for you to be able to clear the snow away from high-traffic footfall areas.

How long has your company been in business?

We've been working in Winnipeg for 4 years, and in Edmonton for 3 years.

Are you insured?

Fully insured, registered, and we have WCB for all worker's.

Do you do residential snow removal?

No, we do not.

Do you snow removal for parking lots, small businesses, apartments?

Yes we do

Am i locked into a contract if we hire you?

Nope, not happy? Cancel. Thats not gonna happen though. If ever you have a complaint, we respond quickly to fix it .

A bit about us

Giant Property Maintenance strives to grow and strengthen our relationships with our customers, which is why we pride ourselves on being reliable and we always get the job done on time. All of our staff are fully insured, registered and we have WCB for all of our staff. You won’t need to sign a contract to work with us, and if you’re unhappy with any aspect of the work that we do, we will ensure that we respond quickly to fix it. Giant Property Maintenance aims not to make mistakes, with breakdown equipment ready to go – just in case!

At Giant Property Maintenance, we are happy to work with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the service that you receive for your snow removal services, whatever they are.

We will work hard to clear all areas of your commercial property, including parking lots and we will endeavour to ensure that your entryways are clear for your workforce to arrive to work safely.

If there is ever any doubt that we cannot complete a job, we will not take it on – as a company, we stick to what we know so that you get the best service that you could hope for.


"They always come thru on time and deliver good work, they do my lawn care in the summer"

Harwinder Singh--Big boys auto repair

"I was worried because i found them on kijiji, but it turned out good and it's been long term"

Keith Chartrand-- Fil can renovations.

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